There are many good reasons to celebrate the whole year round in Cuba:

Carnival in Havana
End of February/beginning of March

"Jornadas de la Cultura Camagüeyana" –
Culture days of Camagüey
Beginning of February

International Jazz Festival in Havana
every two years in February

Semana de la Cultura - Culture week - in Baracoa
Annually in April

Festival de la Música Electroacústica
- Electrofestival - in Varadero
Every year in April

Romería de Mayo in Holguín

Every year in the first week of May

Fiestas Sanjuaneras in Trinidad

End of June

Festival de la Cultura Caribe
- Caribbean culture festival
Every year in June or July

Festival de la Música Contemporánea de La Habana
- Festival of contemporary music - in Havana

Semana de la Cultura Trinitaria
- Culture week in Trinidad
Annually in November

International Festival of the Latin-American film
  in Havana
Every year in December

You can find a comprehensive overview of all events in Cuba with their exact dates here:

Commemoration days and public holidays

  • 01 January: day of the Victory of the Revolution (2)
  • 28 January: Birthday of José Martí, Cuban national hero (1)
  • 08 March: international Women's Day (2)
  • 01 May: Labour Day (2)
  • 26 July: Revolution Day, Storming of the Moncada Barracks(2)
  • 30 July: day of the Martyrs of the Revolution (1)
  • 08 October: Anniversary of the death of Ernesto "Che" Guevara 1967 (1)
  • 10 October: Anniversary of the begin of the independence wars in 1868 (2)
  • 28 October: Anniversary of the death of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos 1959 (1)

(1) Commemoration day - (2) Holiday