Travel tips

Local tourism operators

Our colleagues in Cuba are more than happy to help you out with your planning:

Travel period

The best time of year is during the dry season from November to April. The average daytime temperature is around 25C. In December and January there can be some occasional cooler days.
In the summer months the humidity is around 80% and occasional showers must be expected. These, however, never last long.

Packing your case

Take light summer clothes with you, but you should also pack a pullover or a jacket because restaurants and hotels are often strongly air-conditioned.
Decent clothing is expected in bars and restaurants; gentlemen should wear long trousers to the evening meal. Naked (sun)bathing is not allowed in Cuba; topless sunbathing is not welcomed, but tolerated.

Sun protection

Remember to take sufficient sun cream of a protection factor corresponding to the latitude. Right at the beginning of your stay it is definitely advisable to use a high protection factor. Your sunglasses should also be with you. And allow yourself sufficient shade - you'll go home with a nice tan anyway.


The electrical voltage is mostly 110 Volts. Take an adapter for your electrical devices with you (American flat pins).

Time difference

CET -6 hours, during Summertime (MEST) - 5 hours. You can see the current time in Havana here:


Compared to some other Latin-American countries, Cuba is a very safe travel destination. The Cubans are friendly and helpful to tourists. But, as everywhere else in the world, one should not be careless with valuable items because as we all know, opportunity invites theft.


There are shops in the tourist centres in which you can obtain all the day-to-day items that you will need.
Luxury goods are only sparsely available in Cuba.
The most popular presents to take home are cigars, rum or artistic handiwork. In Havana there are numerous small art and flea markets where books, paintings and souvenirs are sold.