Travel to Cuba

There are various ways to reach Cuba with existing scheduled flights from Europe, for example with Air France (Paris CDG), with Cubana (Madrid) or with Iberia (Madrid). A number of charter airlines, amongst them Condor and LTU, fly directly to Varadero, the Cayos, Holguín and Havana.

An overview of the airlines is available here.
A list of the airports in Cuba is shown here.


Travellers to Cuba who are resident in the EU require a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months and also a tourist card. This is valid for a stay of up to 30 days.

If you book a package holiday, your tour operator will send you the tourist card directly. Otherwise you can purchase one from the embassy or consulate for €22,-.
Further details on entry into Cuba can be found on the website of the Cuban Embassy.

Travellers who are not visiting Cuba as tourists, e.g. journalists, businessmen or students who want to visit the University in Cuba require a Visa. Further information on this can also be found on the website of the Embassy.