Ten good reasons

...(and an eleventh) to visit Cuba

  1. Beaches of fine sand: bordered by palms and lapped by turquoise-green waters, the picture-postcard white sandy beaches of Cuba and the numerous small islands nearby – the country consists of over 4,000 islands and islets with breathtaking diving grounds that are waiting to be discovered.
  2. High-class hostelry: of the more than 200 hotels that provide altogether over 43,000 rooms, 72 percent are four or five-star addresses. Modern all-inclusive hotels on the best beaches can be found as well as charming guesthouses and apartments.
  3. Comfortable climate: a warm, tropical climate with a yearly average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit is during the dry season between November and April.
  4. Wide range of sports: as well as teeing off the many golf courses, you can also be active on land by cycling, trekking, climbing or horseback riding, and on or in the water by snorkelling, diving or deep sea fishing.
  5. Architectural towns: the historic centre of Havana, where imposing examples of colonial architecture can be enjoyed, is UNESCO-listed; there are also historic fortifications and impressive examples of Art Deco and historicism. More beautiful examples of colonial architecture also remain in Santiago and Trinidad.
  6. Rich culture: music and dance are inseparably linked with the Cuban zest for life, above all in the Son, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Salsa rhythms. Cultural events from the worlds of ballet, fine arts and film fill the annual calendar that is crowned in July with the Carnival and the "Fire Festival" (Fiesta del Fuego) in Santiago. There's an interesting mixture of religions where Catholic and African elements combine.
  7. Infectious fun: the welcoming population knows how to celebrate the best things in life – visitors can get an enjoyable injection of that Cuba-feeling from the energetic dance shows and dance courses or from a stroll through the colourful markets.
  8. Impressive nature and wildlife: a wonderfully varied landscape can be found out of town, from sugar-cane plantations and mangrove swamps in the lowlands to tropical rain forest up in the mountains. Friends of Mother Nature will want to be inspired by the jungle scenes in the "Parque Nacional Alejandro Humboldt", flower-lovers by the orchid gardens in Soroa.
  9. Exquisite cuisine: generous portions of fresh fish and shellfish are served in the tourist centres, flanked by tasters of the local cuisine such as exotic root vegetables and a wealth of tropical fruits.
  10. Enjoyment, raised to an art-form: Cuba is famous for the quality of its coffee, the hand-rolled cigars and the exceptional rum that lends inspiration to mixers.
  11. Great for the kids: reason number 11 is the Cuban's love of children and has also earned a place on the list – the love and tolerance shown towards children provide the best conditions for a wonderful family holiday.