Nature / Ecology tourism

National parks and nature reserves

Environmental protection and the maintenance of nature are taken very seriously in Cuba. Not least for this reason has the island so much amazing countryside to see:
The Baconao-Park near Santiago de Cuba is a favourite place for both tourists and locals. In the grounds of the park there is a botanic garden, an aquarium and many other attractions. The park has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its so varied vegetation.
On the wildly romantic Zapata peninsula lies the Montemar Nature Park, the largest continuous wetlands in the Caribbean.
Numerous waterfowl, mammals, reptiles and amphibians live here.

Halfway between Havana and Pinar del Rio is the mountainous region of Soroa with its famous orchid gardens in the middle of a green, hilly landscape.  This is where flower-lovers can enjoy more than 700 different types of orchid, 250 of which only grow in Cuba.
The waterfall at Soroa invites you to take a refreshing shower in the open.

The Humboldt National Park stretches to the east of the island over around 59,000 hectares. The park provides an undisturbed home to some plants and animals that can be found nowhere else.