An overview of the attractions

Havana – capital city with around two million inhabitants, architectural bounty chest with historic forts, impressive churches and picturesque colonial buildings; in addition, a great collection of museums (amongst them a highly respected art museum, the rum museum and the revolution museum)

Santiago de Cuba – competitor to the capital with almost half a million inhabitants that makes up with liveliness what it lacks in the number of dwellers: life at a lively pace in a historic setting; venue of the annual carnival where the town puts its best foot forward.

Trinidad – colonial gem, kept in tender pastel, characterised by red-tiled roofs and cobbled lanes, imposing villas of the sugar barons and the only cathedral in Cuba with five towers.

Holguín – capital of the province of the same name with around 250,000 inhabitants, colonial centre and numerous parks; a rewarding destination for beach-lovers who can choose from a number of picture-perfect beaches here on the north coast.

Baracoa – the oldest town in Cuba, notable for its charmingly weathered colonial buildings and decorative single-storey houses with red roofs, epitome of Caribbean flair; a town for strolling along the wonderful promenade.

Camagüey – Starting point of a total of one hundred kilometres of beaches in the seaside town of Santa Lucía and the nearby islands, protected by the second largest coral reef in the world that stretches over 400 kilometres to the west as far as Varadero.

Santa Clara – easy-going capital of the province Villa Clara with around 200,000 inhabitants and colonial buildings; the memorial place of Ché Guevara to whom a statue on the Plaza de la Revolución, a nearby museum as well as a Mausoleum are dedicated.

Jardines del Rey – Chain of islands with the Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo that belong to the most beautiful areas for sun worshippers, snorkellers and divers; pure romance under palm leaf sunshades.

Cayo Largo – Dream Island for water sport fans and those seeking relaxation, with blindingly white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters as well as manicured all-inclusive hotels.

Varadero – in the tourist centre on the Península de Hicacos, once frequented by pirates, with high-class hostelry and extensive, picture-postcard beaches, many different sports and a glittering nightlife.